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Our donuts like all of our other products are made from scratch. It is rare in this day and age for bakeries to hand roll, cut, fry, fill, and ice donuts by hand as we do. The attention to quality and detail of our donuts are why you must come early to get your favorite (especially on the weekends)!

Glazed - $7.50/dz
Mixed - $8.50/dz

A baked sweet dough with your choice of apple, cherry, blueberry, or cream cheese filling with icing spread around the sides.

Apple & Blueberry Twists
Donuts with apple or blueberry fruit rolled in the dough.

Old Fashioned Fried Pies
You won't find this specialty item anywhere else in town. Delicious dough filled with apple, cherry or custard. Fried then glazed, custard is topped with ganache. Very popular! We sell out quick!

Pastry dough with your choice of cherry or apple filling, and drizzled with icing.

Pecan Crisps & Walnut Squares
Flaky pastries with nut filling, baked to a golden crisp.

Cream Horns
Flaky pastry filled with our infamous butter cream icing.

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