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We offer a large variety of cookies that you can drop by the store and pick up, or you may place a custom order

A Party Favorite!  a shortbread  cookie with chopped  nuts, buttery taste and pour icing in the center. Icing color in center can be customized. $6.75/dozen.

Raspberry Thumbprints
Made the same as thumbprints, with raspberry filling in center and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. $6.75/dozen.

Wedding Cookies
Shortbread dough with chopped nuts, rolled in powdered sugar.

Party Cookies
A soft delicious butter cookie with sprinkles on top. The sugar sprinkles color can be customized.

Chocolate Chip & Raspberry Cheese Cake Cookies
Sugar cookie with cream cheese filling either topped with chocolate chips or raspberry, with pour icing drizzled on top.
Call for pricing.

Oatmeal Raisin & Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches
Filled with our famous buttercream icing.
Call for pricing.

Iced Sugar Cookies
Our most popular cookie! The kids and parents love them alike. A soft cookie iced with pour icing with decorations on top. We offer a large variety of shapes and sizes, that we decorate to coordinate with the seasons, or holidays, or we can make a custom order for you. Iced sugar cookies are 4" in diameter.
Starting at $1.98 each.

Sugar Sprinkled Sugar Cookies
The same cookie as the iced cookie just rolled in sugar instead of iced.
$1.00 each.

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