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Our most popular pastry. A piece of moist delicious chocolate cake with buttercream on top finished off with cooked chocolate pour icing. We sell an entire tray a day of these fantastic goodies. $2.49 each.

Petit Fores (tea cakes)
A close second  to the bon-bons.  White or chocolate cake ,  with chocolate or white pour icing  encasing the cake.  The traditional  way  to decorate  the top is with a rosebud, which you may choose your colors( we can even match fabric swatches ). You may also choose baby booties or monogram initials. $1.95 each. Monogramming an additional .25 per cake.

Brownies & French Brownies
Our brownies are soft and fudgy. The traditional brownie has chocolate icing, and the french brownie has buttercream icing topped with cooked chocolate icing.

Baklava & Pecan Queens
Traditional Greek pastries.

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